Pro Golfer Pat Abbot

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Biography of Golfer Pat Abbott

If you’re looking for a biography of a great American golfer, then you’ve come to the right place. Golfer Pat Abbott, better known as Buell, was an American professional golfer. He won four major championships and made it to the World Golf Championship in 1954. His career included several notable victories in the United States and a trip to the Master’s Tournament. His achievements landed him in the Hall of Fame in Tennessee.

Buell Patrick Abbott was an American Professional Golfer

Patrick Abbott was an American professional golfer who played for Buell. He is credited with making more than a few million dollars for the Buell Company. Patrick Abbott played golf from the 1930s until his retirement in 1975. Despite his modest fortune, he was a great player and won the Open Championship in 1976. Among his achievements was a win over defending champion, Tom Watson. He was also ranked number one in the world in 1973.

In 2002, the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame inducted Abbott as a member of its Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame was named after him in 2002. Among his achievements are two PGA Tour victories and a U.S. Amateur title in 1941. A number of other awards and accolades were also won. He is also the winner of the Tennessee Open, the Tennessee PGA Senior Championship, and the U.S. Open.